What Causes Hair Loss

On June 23, 2010, in hair loss, by admin

Conditions like mental strain, medication, imbalance of hormones etc., cause hair loss.   There is a link between DHT and baldness.  The dihydrotestosterone will work upon the hair follicles to bring in adverse effects on the scalp.  Sometimes it may slow down the hair growth or stop it permanently.

Mental stress can be the main reason for hair loss.  The pattern of hair loss in males is often a genetic problem and is hereditary.  Testosterone and DHT, as hormones, will cause an imbalance and in return make you bald.  Such people can get back their hair growth through proper medication and surgery. Baldness is only a condition of the body.  It is not a disease.  Anybody could go bald after a given time.  The process of balding is identified as thinning of the hair, later to fall off.  The hair then stops growing and this leads to baldness.

People who face hair loss problems must undergo hair care treatment.  Since male pattern-hair-loss is a general condition, the effect could be lessened by adopting hair care treatment in time.  The cause that leads to hair loss problems varies from women to men.  The treatment will help them to regain hair growth.  If timely medication or treatment is not adopted, the hair loss problem will bring complete baldness.

No harm will happen to your hair and it will remain healthy and shiny, as long as your body system is functioning in the right way.  Illness will make your hair fall off.  Vitamins and minerals will restore your hair.

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