Hair Care with Home Remedies

On June 24, 2010, in hair care, by admin

By using the following natural home remedies you can save a lot of money and can get rid of the synthetic ingredients included in the majority of hair care products in today’s market.

Pour a light measure of coconut oil on to your palms and apply it slowly and meagerly on your hair in order to manage your frizzy hair.  Too much oil will make the hair look greasy.  So be very careful while applying the oil.  Abstain from frequent shampooing that harms the natural oil in your hair.  This step will help you in handling any frizzy hair effectively.

Take one tablespoon baking soda and mix it with one cup of water.  Rinse your hair with it in order to get rid of the shampoo and the residues of styles.   If you wash your hair with lemon juice and one cup of water, it will make your dull hair shine.  Rinsing your hair with half cup of apple cider vinegar added to two cups of water will give your hair remarkable shine.

Add ylang ylang oil to all of your hair care products, to make a hair rejuvenatory application. Ylang ylang, when used with rosemary oil, can stimulate hair growth.

Healthy hair can be obtained by drinking enough water and including raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.  The diet should be supported with proper rest as well. Hair reflects the health of your body.  A healthy body is distinguished from bouncy and healthy hair.  Preventive hair care gives healthy hair, but it always depends upon the balanced diet you intake.